"Having Cindy as a coordinator was one of the best decisions I made for my wedding day. She took the time prior to the event to walk through a timeline of the day’s events to make sure we had plenty of wiggle room before each of the set-time events. She was excellent at making sure the right people were in the right places at all times, especially the groomsmen, and we were never behind throughout the day.

It was such a relief on my wedding day knowing that there was someone handling the details and logistics of the day...

so that I could focus on what was most important. And this all comes from a person who does not let go of things easily. I would highly recommend Cindy as a wedding coordinator to help even the most organized of brides think through every detail and to instill confidence as the bride that your day will be memorable and enjoyable without you doing any of the work!"

~Sarah, bride


"My experience with Cindy was wonderful from start to finish! From the small details to the big ones, Cindy listened, offered suggestions and then ran with my dream in order to give me the day I'd been dreaming of since I was a teenager! Cindy and I took a look at the church and reception site so that we would be able to get things together in time, decorate without any stress and be prepared for my wedding. She was there to talk with, laugh about things, and not sweat the big stuff. On the day of the wedding, Cindy was there early to make sure everyone and everything was in order for my arrival and the arrival of the bridal party. She even put my flower bouquets and arrangements together!!! The wedding was beautiful, reception classy and a day that I still remember very vividly ten years later. Would I recommend Cindy? Absolutely!"

~Melissa, bride

Teale Photography

Teale Photography

"I used Cindy for my daughter’s wedding and can’t imagine having gone through the stress of the weekend without her.  Her calm, positive and cheerful attitude was helpful as problems began to arise when my daughter’s father and his family began to act out.  She not only helped to solve their issues but served as a buffer so that we could enjoy the day!  She met each challenge with confidence and was able to infuse peace into the atmosphere.  She communicates clearly and is very organized.  We never felt control or anxiety in walking through the rehearsal and wedding day.  I have no idea what she encountered in the swirl of the day, but we only felt joy, peace and celebration.  I highly recommend Cindy as your wedding planner!"

Kristine, mother of the bride

"Cindy was so delightful to work with. She met with me in advance, listened to all my fears about my big day, and completely set me at ease. She is excellent at navigating difficult situations with poise and kindness. She made everyone in my family and wedding party feel included and in the know, and navigated my big day with expertise. I couldn't have asked for a better coordinator! She made my day flow smoothly so I could focus on remembering all the beautiful moments. Having Cindy as your wedding coordinator is the best decision you can make to ensure you are able to enjoy the day and really take it all in. I can't recommend her enough!"

Abigail, bride